Early review of PowerPC

I saw this years ago and enjoyed it.  It's from a PBS show called the Computer Chronicles.  This episode would be from 1994 when the PowerPC 601 was introduced by Apple.  The 601 was the first PowerPC chip.  The chip came out in 92, but wasn't released in an Apple system until 94, and it was still ahead of Intel tech at the time.

Keep in mind that this is the sub-100 MHz era.

The Computer Chronicles - PowerPC

Nvidia finally reaches out to Linux

Any Linux user knows what a pain it's always been to get even moderate function out of Nvidia GPU.  For a couple decades now, Nvidia has seemed very disinterested in working with most of the open source market.

It looks like they have finally seen the light.  Hopefully this will mean much better Nvidia drivers for Linux in the future.

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