PowerPC Parts Exchange

This is the place to give and receive PowerPC parts.

To keep everything as fair and honest as possible, you will be required to use an email address here.  If you don't want to share your main personal email, then get another one; they're free.  Entries to the exchange will not be added without an email.

You can email new entries to us, or post them in a comment here.  Once I see the new addition, I will add it to the available or needed lists; assuming an email is provided and you meet the guidelines below.

This is simply a primitive early version of the exchange, so please bear with it for now.  This is something we're going to need to make up as we go.


1. DO NOT sell anything here!  Only giving and trading is allowed.
2. Please note the nation you live in, so people have an idea about shipping cost.
3. Only give your full name and address to the person you're exchanging parts with.
4. Offering or asking for complete systems is fine, as long as you're not buying/selling.
5. Receiver should pay shipping, unless some other arrangement is made.
6. Let us know when something doesn't need to be listed any longer.
7. 68k stuff is also welcome here.

Parts Available

From B-rock in the USA:
    • Adaptec 2 port USB 2.0 PCI card
    • Belkin 2 port USB 2.0 PCI Card
    • 800 MHz G4 7455 CPU (Pulled from 2002 QS)
    • H-L Data Storage DVD/CD Drive Model: GCE-8240B
    • 2x nVidia GeForce 6600 Video Cards, Dual DVI w/ 256 MB VRAM
    • ATI Rage 128 Pro (ADC and VGA connections)
    • Assortment of RAM sticks of different capacities mostly for G3 and G4 PowerMacs (email me with requests and I will see if I have it)
    • An entire stock 2002 QS with 800 MHz CPU (1.5 GB RAM, ATI R128 Pro VideoCard) I could pull parts from it
    • 2x unopened Macally Single Button Mice
       Contact - brockwittrock@gmail.com

      From PowerMi in Spain:
      • Apple white keyboard, french keypad. (new, never used)
      • Radeon 9600 Pro for G5 (will work in 4x G4 tower with pin mod)

      From Brian in the USA: 
      • 17" Cinema Display LCD (ADC). In good condition, stand is sturdy, original box
      • Sonnet PCI USB 2.0 card. Four ports
      Contact - gamesbyfuseki@gmail.com

      From zen in Canada:
      • Motorola G4 400MHz 7400 PowerPC CPU w/1MB L2 (daughtercard & heatsink)
      • 3x ATI Rage 128 Pro 16MB AGP video cards (2x ADC/VGA + 1x DVI/VGA) 
      • 3x 100MB Zip Drives (internal)
      • Battery for 14" iBook G3 (pulled from a dead 600MHz model) 
      • Combo Drive for iBook G3 (pulled from a dead 14" 600MHz model)
      Contact - powerpcliberation@gmail.com

      Parts Needed

      By rican-linux in the USA:
      • Superdrive for iBook G4

      By Brian in the USA: 
      • 1ghz Titanium Powerbook in working, good/very good condition, with decent hinges
      Contact - gamesbyfuseki@gmail.com

      By zen in Canada:
      • Apple original USB keyboard (english) (any colour)

      Legal Notes

      PowerPC Liberation accepts no legal responsibility for anything that may go wrong here, but the only potential thing that could is to send somone shipping money, but they ship nothing - or they did ship and the receiver lies that they never got it, so be sure to ship everything to need signature verification.  This is why PayPal is a good choice to send shipping funds, because they have dispute resolution, along with other forms of protection.

      This is an exchange that happens between two individuals, and the blog only brings them together, but will not mediate exchanges.  That is up to the two involved, and is solely their responsibility.

      Make no mistake though...  I will protect the interests of anyone on the morally and factually correct side of a dispute.


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