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Donor List

Graeme in the UK - $20
Tom from iFix Old Macs - $50
Alberto in Spain - $25
Graeme in the UK - $25
Chris in the US - $25
Hardware donation from Mark at Rated Win
Alan in the UK - $50
Paul in Australia - $30
Emily in Canada - $20
jazzbassNick in the US - $25
Franklyn in the US - $5
Graeme in the UK - $25 (3x donor!)

Have a website?  Contact us after making a donation with the information; we will add a link to your site in the donor list above.

All donations go toward the funds required to obtain, properly equip, and maintain the hardware needed to write from first hand experience; rather than the path of conjecture many choose.  Our current collection of gear is also lacking in some areas still, such as no 601 - 604 hardware.  We are predominantly G4 users, with a dash of G3 and G5, but want to support the other chips also.  We will always end up paying for most of this ourselves, but the donations are a helpful supplement. 

Donations also show a lot of fundamental support, which is great for writer morale, and all the authors have access to these funds.