Progress on Debian Bugs

Peter Saisanas left an update on Debian's PowerPC mailing list reporting that a patch has been created to fix a bug that broke nouveau modesetting for Nvidia GPU users (bug applies to kernels > 3.18.16).  The patch hasn't been made official yet, but you can view the original bug report here.

Clementine and xfburn had nasty PowerPC bugs, or perhaps just 32-bit bugs, that have now been fixed.  The fixed xfburn is in Testing and the fixed Clementine as of now is in Sid.  So if you haven't gotten Clementine to play files and wanted to enjoy its Spotify,, or Soundcloud plugins, now's your chance.

In Iceweasel news, the bookmark folder bug and customization bug are fixed in version 41.0.1 in Experimental.  So now Iceweasel appears back to its normal, healthy self.

Also, there's an r128 patch in this report that I haven't gotten around to testing.  It fixes some breakage in the Stretch version of the driver, so Rage 128 users may want to check it out.

I suppose it wouldn't be a Debian bug reporting party if there weren't some unacknowledged bugs, and on the front I left two kernel bug reports (an appletouch trackpad bug and an Apple Motion Sensor bug).  They haven't even been tagged, though the appletouch bug might have been fixed—I'm having trouble reproducing it.  Possibly related:  the appletouch trackpad driver performs much smoother with the latest kernel update in Sid.

Finally, if anyone wants to test the new pbbuttonsd in Experimental, see if you can duplicate this bug report.  The suggested fix didn't work for me.

And if you want to literally shoot bugs, there's always MacBugs!


  1. Thanks for sharing Dan! For the most part, a lot of much needed good news in the PPC Linux community. I have been meaning to write up a post covering the aforementioned nouveau bug and post that a patch has been created, but once again you have beaten me to the punch. Either way, I am just glad the news is out there. Perhaps I'll still write up the post on how to work around it for now.

    1. Please do! There aren't any blog posts strongly detailing the issue, just a scattering of mailing list posts. I already have your work bookmarked if I ever take the plunge with a G5/Nvidia :)

  2. It's great to see followups on things, but especially bugs.

    Good stuff, Dan!

  3. Sounds great. I still have to find the way for booting up my powermac with a nvidia card on jessie as i get a blank screet after the Boot command. in whezzy it worked with # Linux 1 nosplash video=ofonly nouveau.modeset=0

  4. I'm pretty inexperienced at screwing with package priorities on Debian. How do I make Iceweasel be the experimental version without screwing up the rest of my system?