CorePlayer file association icons

Now that CorePlayer has been in the wild for a few weeks, I'm sure you have noticed that its file association icon is the default blank one, which has no personality at all.

Well, an app this efficient deserves to have better than a blank file association icon, and thanks to Adam Albrec, the maker of PPC Media Center, it now has two custom icons.



Here is the readme file contents, for your convenience.  You need the first icon .dmg for the .plist file, even if only using the second.  If only interested in the first one, then you don't need the second.

Copy the cpDocument.icns file to the Resources folder within the CorePlayer package contents.

Then copy the new Info.plist to the Contents folder within CorePlayer.

Next copy CorePlayer to a new location and then back to re-initialize it.

When you restart, or relaunch Finder, all documents assigned to use CorePlayer will now have the custom icon.

If you wish to make your own icon, feel free and just give it the same file name as above and install as directed.

Feel free to leave any comments for Adam here.

Thanks again, Adam!


  1. Thanks - now those files don't look so unwanted by OSX!
    As a side note, amazing as Coreplayer performance is, I'm finding mplayer with Debian on my Powerbook to outperform it (in CPU use anyway) on 360P h264. Most Youtube clips play at 25% CPU.

    1. Yes, MPlayer on Linux is extremely efficient. What exact version/build are you using?

  2. 2:1.0 svn34540
    I've only used it for standard Youtube clips - efficiency falls off when you go 720P, on my 1.67 PB CPU goes around 95%.
    It's just a nice option to have - Debian/Openbox/Iceweasel/Mplayer does a great job for Youtube and looks great too.